Water Damage Can Quickly Affect Both Your Home and Your Health

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Plumbing

Floods are dangerous, but the aftermath of a flood can be just as devastating. Floods can occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common issue with flooding in residential homes is from pipes bursting and other plumbing issues. To avoid water damage and mold, seek flood control in Wilmette fast to protect your home. Water that’s allowed to stay in the home will continue to do more damage, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Water Damage

Many people underestimate the problems associated with water damage. They’re also usually surprised the many items that can get damaged in a flood. Any time water is allowed to collect and stay in a house, it can start damaging surfaces immediately. The first sign of water damage is a thin, white layer on certain surfaces. After some hours, it gets worse as the water continues to permeate. Water warps wood, distorts other surfaces and creates little pockets for mold and bacteria to grow.

Mold Problems

Mold can start growing in just a day or two in surfaces that have water damage. Mold can also grow on any surface if the water is not removed and if the area remains dark where the mold spores begin to grow. This can be a health hazard, as mold can make people feel and look sick. Mold can give rashes, cause asthmatic flair-ups, impact immune systems and cause problems in other ways.

Allergy Issues

The immune system identifies mold and other foreign substances as a threat to the body, which is why people experience headaches, sinus issues, coughing and other reactions to mold. However, this also causes the immune system to get weaker. People who are exposed to mold are more likely to get sick otherwise because their immune systems have been negatively impacted.

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