The Most Common Problems With Kitchen Plumbing In Pittsburgh PA That Require A Professional Plumber

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Plumbing

Many people believe that a kitchen is the heart of any home, as it is the perfect place for friends and family to gather during the preparation of a meal. One of the biggest sources of frustration is when there is an issue with Kitchen Plumbing in Pittsburgh PA. While small issues may be easy fixes, others are more complicated and require the expertise of a licensed plumber. Don’t let a plumbing problem go unchecked, as it could lead to a serious leak and create damage to cabinets and the structural components of a home. Here are the top three issues that should be addressed by a professional.

Garbage Disposal Issues

Most modern homes now come with a garbage disposal that makes getting rid of soft food waste simple and prevents it from piling up in the trash can. Even though larger motors have contributed to disposals that operate more reliably, there may still be times when an issue arises. Whether it is a completely clogged unit or one that has stopped functioning, it should be inspected by a plumber. They will be able to determine the exact cause of the issue and have it repaired or replaced in no time.

Dishwasher Replacement

Dishwashers use both water and electricity, but the most common problems result from a clogged drain line or a faulty water supply line. It may seem like an easy fix, but not properly repairing the issue could cause the dishwasher to leak or lead to a burnt out motor. Don’t risk the functionality of a dishwasher, when a plumber has the knowledge to fix it right the first time and have it back to cleaning like new.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are incredibly frustrating, and are frequently caused by a buildup of grease and other contaminants. While commercially available products may advertise that they can efficiently remove clogs, it may not address the root of the issue and can damage plastic plumbing. This is one of the most common problems with kitchen plumbing in Pittsburgh PA and should be dealt with by a plumber who will be able to fix the issue and ensure all pipes are flowing freely.

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