Signs It’s Time for Drainage Repair in West Chester Township OH

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Plumbing Services

Every part of a septic system needs to do its job flawlessly to ensure efficient and safe disposal of waste from a home. Problems with the drainage, whether it is outside involving the field line or inside the home in the sink drain, can wreak havoc for a family. Watch for the early signs of drainage problems so that a call for Drainage Repair in West Chester Township OH can be made before more serious issues arise. Below are some warning signs:

Slow Drains

Once an indoor drain starts to work slower, have a professional take a look at it right away. The problem may be an obstruction inside the plumbing, which once removed will remedy the situation. It could also indicate that the septic tank isn’t filtering water fast enough, in which case the household could be overdue for septic tank pumping or repair service for another problem.

Some people report hearing the toilet gurgle when the washing machine or shower drain. These are all things to pay attention to.

Sewage Odor

No one should be able to smell sewage in their yard or home. A bad smell inside the home could mean that the tank needs pumping or that it is malfunctioning. Those who don’t address the issue may eventually have sewage backup through the drains in the home. A bad smell outside in the yard is an indicator that there is a leak in the outdoor plumbing or that the drain field needs repair.

Soggy or Lush Drain Field

The drain field in the yard is designed to safely filter and dispose of liquid waste. When it is working properly, there won’t be any soggy areas or puddles in the area. A sewage leak will send nutrients, along with harmful bacteria into the soil. This can certainly cause the area around the field to become unexpectedly lush.

Preventative maintenance will go a long way in protecting a septic system from drainage issues. Those who are experiencing any of the symptoms above and are looking for Drainage Repair in West Chester Township OH can turn to the team at Jacobs Plumbing & Excavating Inc. Tight spots are their specialty and they offer emergency service. Visit for more information or to schedule service.