Sewer Cleaning in Cedar Rapids, IA: What You Need to Know

The sewage system is generally designed to keep functioning normally on its own. All of the wastewater that passes from the drain pipes in your house eventually lands in the sewers. From there, the wastewater is carried by the sewage lines into the municipal waste lines and eventually into the sea or water treatment plants. However, if you throw solid items, they may cause a blockage in the sewers. If your gutters have begun to fill up or overflow, you may need to call for sewer cleaning in Cedar Rapids, IA. Here are some important bits of information about cleaning the sewers.

Techniques Used

Most companies that offer sewer cleaning generally use a variety of different techniques for cleaning the sewers. The first and most common technique that’s widely used is power washing. A jet of water is passed through the sewers at very high pressures. The pressure of the water is such that the blockage is removed completely. Companies such as offer a full suite of services for keeping your sewers clean.

Tips to Prevent Blockages

If you don’t take proper care, it won’t be long before you will have to call for sewer cleaning again. There are some simple things that you can do to avoid the sewers from blocking again and again. First of all, always avoid throwing solid items down the drain pipes. They are very likely to get stuck further down in the sewers and cause a blockage. Secondly, you should not throw cooking oils or other greasy substances down the drain pipe either. These greasy and oily substances tend to stick on the sides of the drain pipes. Other items, such as hair strands, also stick to the oils and lead to a bigger blockage.

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