Plumbing Contractors in Papillion, NE Can Help Customers Maintain Their Garbage Disposals

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Plumbing

Garbage disposals were created for a very good reason: they provide an easy and quick way to clean the kitchen and get rid of excess waste. However, most disposals are limited in what they can dispose of. When it comes to the disposal in the sink, prevention is the best cure, and using good habits is the most effective way to keep the disposal functioning as it should. But, below are several things that should never go down the garbage disposal.

Coffee Grounds

Disposing of coffee grounds in the disposal should not be done. While it seems like a quick way to get rid of them, coffee grounds can become stuck in the disposal and cause an expensive backup. One pot of coffee a day can cause a back up within a week. To avoid these annoying backups, throw away or compost coffee grounds.
Corn Husks, Celery, Asparagus and Fibrous Veggies

While some vegetables can easily go down the disposal, others can cause big issues. Vegetables with long fibers such as asparagus, corn husks, and celery can quickly get tied up in the garbage disposal blades. Therefore, throwing them away or composting them is the ideal solution.


When making breakfast, it’s not a good idea to throw the eggshells down the disposal. The membrane within the eggshells can become tied up in the disposal’s blades, making it more prone to sticking. Enjoy some morning eggs, but if cleaning the garbage disposal isn’t on the day’s agenda, keep the eggshells out.

Pasta and Rice

While they’re good for stir-fry and pasta dishes, these things should not go in the garbage disposal. These foods can expand when wet, which means they increase in size once they are down the drain. This can leave a gooey, gross mess in the sink and cause a serious backup. Rather than spending money and calling plumbing contractors in Papillion, NE, it’s easier just to keep these foods out of the garbage disposal.

It can be time-consuming to deal with leftover food, but taking note of the above items will save hassle and money when it comes to maintaining the garbage disposal. If the home’s disposal is clogged, call plumbing contractors in Papillion, NE for help and repairs. Visit or call Jeff Mumm Plumbing for an estimate.