Why You Should Consider Hydro-jet Sewer Cleaning in Philadelphia

by | May 12, 2017 | Plumbing

At some point in time, drain clogs become a problem for homeowners, commercial, institutional and industrial establishments. Materials build up and become stuck in sink drains, toilets, bathtubs, showers and in your main sewer line. If a plunger cannot undo the clog, you definitely need something more powerful. Consider hydro-jet for your sewer Cleaning in Philadelphia.

What is hydro-jetting?

It is a sewer cleaning technique comprising of a high-pressure hose featuring a specialized nozzle attached to a machine which pressurizes the water, releasing a powerful spurt that unclogs the drain. The powerful water jet is thrust down the drain, and helps push the mineral build-up, grease, hair among other debris across the drain. Moreover, a strong enough hydro-jet can also move any broken tree roots that might have blocked the drain. Although hydro-jetting can clear arguably any clog, it is not an alternative for the DIY enthusiast. It should only be done by a professional plumber.

Advantages of Hydro-jet Sewer Cleaning

  • Cleaning and unclogging at the same time

Build-up of silt, grease, fats, soaps, dirt, detergents and mineral deposits inside the pipe serve as the precursor to persistent sewer clogs. Unluckily, a plunger does little besides punching a hole across the clog to reinstate flow. It does not address the continuing problems of sludge that might soon lead to a recurrence. In contrast, hydro-jetting cleans the inside of the pipe for a more permanent solution.

  • Bacteria removal

The jet of water is so powerful that not only does it remove the soap, scum and grease build-up, but also the presence of any bacteria that accumulates in your drains from your bathroom or kitchen. The problem of offensive smells from your drains can be resolved by hydro-jetting, leaving your drain pipes sparkling clean and fresh.

  • Pocket friendly and eco-friendly

Sewer cleaning in Philadelphia using a hydro-jetting system can postpone the need for another service call up to 4 times longer compared to a typical process with a mechanical plunger or snake. This cuts down on sewer service costs in the long run. In contrast to traditional sewer cleaning procedures that unclog drains for a while only to re-clog after some time, jet water gets rid of the clog completely without posing any danger to the environment since the jet water is not harmful.

You should Contact City Plumbing experts today and request for hydro-jetting sewer cleaning service in order to enjoy these benefits.