Water Heater Services in Nashua NH: Advantages of Gas Appliances vs. Electric Models

In areas that are susceptible to heavy snowstorms and bitterly cold temperatures, it’s important for area residents to consider the best ways to stay comfortable during a power outage lasting several hours or even overnight. One strategy is to replace an old electric water heater with a propane gas model. Companies that offer Water Heater Services in Nashua NH can do this work for a reasonable price.

Ideal Water Temperature for Bathing

An electric water heater cannot function when the power goes out. The water in the tank stays hot for a while, but gradually loses the heat until it cools down to room temperature. If somebody wants to take a shower or wash dishes with hot water, this person won’t be able to do so. Although 70 degrees is warm for air temperature, it is decidedly uncomfortable for bathing. People tend to prefer showering with water at around 90 to 100 degrees.

Considerations for Rural Residents

Rural residents sometimes have to deal with power outages that are not resolved as quickly as would normally be the case in a municipality. Without a gas model installed by technicians providing Water Heater Services in Nashua NH, homeowners need to use their generator for heating large amounts of water. They typically have many other needs for that generator and may not be able to drive somewhere to get more fuel during a bad snowstorm.

Pilot Light vs. Electronic Ignition

People may wonder whether the gas model actually will function when the power is out. They realize that their gas stove doesn’t work under these circumstances without lighting the burners manually. That’s because modern ranges have electronic ignition to light the gas, but most gas water heaters have pilot lights.

Other Advantages

A gas water heater installed by a company such as Harry W. Wells & Son Inc. has many other advantages. It uses less energy than electric models; homeowners with electric water heaters commonly are troubled by how much extra they spend on this bill every month. This type of system also heats the water noticeably faster, which is important when several people need to shower one after the other.

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