The Benefits of Having a Garbage Disposal in Sullivan County NY

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Plumbing

No matter where homeowners may live, it is a wise decision to have a garbage disposal in their kitchen sinks. Owning a Garbage Disposal in Sullivan County NY can vastly reduce the amount of leftover food that is thrown out, and in turn that can reduce the amount of trash hauled away, and eventually deposited in landfills.

When a homeowner installs a garbage disposal, they can benefit from it in many ways. Obviously, the most elementary benefit is the convenience of getting rid of food waste. This means that less food will be sitting in a garbage can in the kitchen where it can start to rot and then emit rather foul smelling odors. Another benefit they can feel good about is that a garbage disposal is actually good for the environment. Twenty percent of the world’s waste comes from food particles. When these scraps are shredded inside of a disposal, they can be converted into either renewable energy or fertilizer rather than ending up in a landfill.

Another benefit for homeowners who want a Garbage Disposal in Sullivan County NY is that it will protect their plumbing. Without a disposal, it is inevitable that at some point the drains would become clogged. A plumber would then need to be called in to repair it, and that costs money. When garbage disposals become clogged, just running water through them can usually remedy the problem. Another old trick is putting ice cubes into the disposal and crushing them. The sharp edges will quickly free up any clogs.

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