Spring Cleaning in Huntsville, AL Includes Scheduling a Plumbing Inspection

While the spring time allows you to remove the dust and gloom of winter, it is also a good idea to have a plumbing inspection made. Not only should you dust and polish your woodwork but you need to make sure that your pipes, drains, valves, and fixtures are all in good condition too.

Scheduling an Inspection

Just the same as spring cleaning in Huntsville, AL, a plumbing survey is thorough. An in-depth investigation is required to reduce the incidence of repair and keep the water flowing freely through your pipes and drains. When the water flows freely, it will also make it easier for you to clean.

When you take the time during spring cleaning activities to schedule an inspection, you can take care of any leaks or drips or replace any fixtures that are no longer functioning normally. A thorough investigation is conducted that includes reviewing the condition of exposed or above-ground pipes, including traps or shut-off valves beneath the sinks in the laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen.

Some of the Inspection Activities

An inspection also includes the following activities:

  • A survey of the water heater
  • A check of the vents or drains in the bathroom and kitchen
  • An inspection of the drain system in the basement
  • A check of the sump pump
  • A video inspection of underground pipes and drains

What is great about a video inspection is the fact that it can reveal any problems with pipe alignments or crack. Having the inspection can give you peace of mind as any damages beneath the ground can lead to collapses or blockages.

Play it Safe

Keep in mind that including a plumbing inspection with your spring cleaning activities is imperative. Usually, plumbing events happen without any warning. If you want to be prepared and play it safe, it pays to have an inspection performed.

Who to Contact About a Spring Plumbing Inspection

You can find out more scheduling an inspection during the spring or any time of the year when you click here. If you have not had an inspection conducted recently, now is the time to contact your plumber about the service.

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