Signs That It’s Time for Gas Leak Detection in Indianapolis IN

Whether a home’s gas lines are below or above ground, they may gradually deteriorate. Once gas leak detection in Indianapolis IN has taken place, it’s important to address the problem as soon as possible. In this brief guide, homeowners and customers will learn the most common signs of a gas leak.

Dead and Dying Houseplants

Underground gas leaks are difficult to detect, but if the plants closest to the gas line are suffering, there may be a problem. In excessive amounts, natural gas can block plants’ absorption of oxygen, causing them to change colors. If any of these symptoms are seen, call for repairs.

Hissing Noises

A hissing sound from a gas line indicates a substantial leak. This is one of the most dangerous signs, and repair delays can cause severe harm to customers and their homes. If a customer hears such a noise, it’s important to call for an emergency repair.

Foul Odors

Natural gas has no color or odor. However, for safety purposes, utilities add a component called mercaptan, which gives the gas a distinctive odor. If there’s an odor of sulfur or rotten eggs in the house, the customer should call for gas line repairs.

Abnormally High Utility Bills

Some gas leaks are hidden and silent. In such a condition, a person may end up with a utility bill that’s higher than normal. If a customer receives a sizable bill with no corresponding spike in usage, Gas Leak Detection in Indianapolis IN may be necessary.

What Causes Gas Leaks?

A gas leak usually occurs because of a poorly-maintained and badly fitted appliance or low-grade pipe fittings. If an appliance isn’t fitted as it should be, gas may escape. Many times, gas hoses leading into appliances aren’t installed correctly, which causes leaks. Similarly, if the home’s appliances are older, they might need more frequent servicing, and secondhand appliances should be used with caution.

Call Today for Prompt, Professional Service

Gas leaks are unhealthy and dangerous, and they should be addressed immediately. Whether there’s a definite leak or just the suspicion of one, it’s time to call the pros. Check out to learn about the company or schedule service.

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