Sewer Line Repair in Chicago: Don’t Ignore These Signs of a Problem

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Plumbing

Many sewer line problems go untreated because the pipe is buried in the yard, and people don’t realize they have an issue. However, sewer pipes always give warning signs that homeowners shouldn’t ignore. If any of the following problems are present in the home, call for sewer line repair in Chicago immediately.

1 Stubborn, Persistent Clogs

It’s a problem when drainage issues stick around, even after plunging and snaking. The likely culprit is a clog deep inside the sewer pipe. Or the sewer pipe could’ve collapsed, making it difficult for water to flow.

2 The Property Has a Pest Problem

Have pests become more of a problem recently? If insects and other pests have multiplied in the yard, this could signify a drainage issue outside the home.

3 Toilets and Sinks Gurgle

Do toilets or sinks make gurgling sounds when they’re not being used? If so, call a plumber because that isn’t normal. If drains bubble or gurgle, it’s a sign of a sewage issue.

4 The House or Yard Smells Like a Sewer

Another issue that’s not normal is a home or yard that smells like the sewer. If sewage smells are infiltrating the house, call a plumber who will identify what’s causing the odor and how to treat it.

5 The Yard Is Greener Along the Sewer Line

A greener-than-normal patch of grass along the sewer line often means the pipe is leaking. It needs to be repaired soon to prevent additional problems.

Anytime you suspect that your sewer drain needs clogs to be cleared, you should contact plumbing professionals like Grayson Sewer and Drain Services.