Options Available With a Sump Pump Replacement

Many basements, particularly those in older homes, rely on sump pumps to keep water levels low. Acting quickly to have the unit replaced is the only way to protect the home when a sump pump replacement near St Louis is necessary. Water levels can rise surprisingly fast especially during spring when the sump pump is not working. There are many different types of sump pumps that are available. It may be necessary to choose a different type or a large pump if the previous models were burning out too quickly or were not able to lower the water level effectively. The options include many brands of pumps, different switch types and various performance levels.

Submersible pumps are able to remove water more effectively and quietly than pedestal pumps because they are submerged in the basin. A pump with a battery backup is useful in homes where power outages could lead to flooding because of an inoperable pump. Very wet areas where the pump is operating multiple times every day may benefit from this type of pump. These are only used when the power is out and the primary pump is not operational. There are combination pumps that offer both electrical operation and battery backup. These pumps are useful for when the water level in the basement is too much for the main sump pump to keep under control. The battery operated pump will engage and help to reduce the water level faster.

Sump Pump ReplacementProfessional sump pump replacement near St Louis can be done quickly in most homes. The plumbing contractor will inspect the basement, discuss with the owner the amount of water the pump typically will be expected to remove and explain to the homeowner the options available that will offer the most benefit. Once installed the pump should last for approximately a decade, but very wet basements may need a new pump sooner. Many experts recommend replacing any unit that is 10 years old or older before it stops functioning to prevent any damage to the property. Contact Classic Aire Care to discuss about sump pumps or any other plumbing or mechanical concern in the home. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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