Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems in Roswell

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Plumbing

Summer is a time of fun, sun, and long vacations. It’s also a time of high heat and humidity. The most common summer issues with plumbing in Roswell, Georgia are largely due to the amount of heat and pressure applied to your pipes.

Even if you plan on going away this summer, it’s important to recognize the problems that your plumbing systems can go through. At RooterPlus, we are available to help on any kind of repair service you may need. Check out the following problems and give us a call if any of these descriptions ring a bell.

1. Outdoor Plumbing Can Break

During the summer, you are probably running your sprinklers more than usual. It’s also a good time to check your gutters and outdoor faucets. They can easily spring a leak or develop rust and cracks when the heat gets high. This is due to a buildup of debris or a back-up of clutter.

2. Sewer Line Breaks

When you plant a lot during the summer, it can disrupt your sewer lines. Weird, right? To address this problem accurately, take a careful look at your plot before you dig. It’s important to know where your sewer and gas lines are located before you accidentally stick a shovel into them. With the hottest summer months (June, July, and August) being the most popular time for gardening, this is more important than ever to remember.

3. An Increase in Usage Leads to Stress on Pipes

If you are the type that likes to stay home and host parties over the summer, be very cautious with your plumbing. An increase in the number of people means more toilets flushed, more sinks turned on and off, more dishwasher cycles turned on, and so forth. Make sure to note any signs of a clog or a leak as soon as you notice it. Give our professionals a call if you sense that something has gone awry.

4. Garbage Disposal Problems

Hhaving more people over means more summer hosting amore cooking. People love to cook during the summer – but just make sure that your garbage disposal doesn’t have to suffer for it. Throw away most food particles in the garbage before considering dumping them in the disposal. It’s meant to clean up your mess, but the motor can break if you put too much in.

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