Let an Expert Plumbing Company in Omaha NE Handle Those Leaks and Clogs

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Plumbing

Most buildings are complex structures with a variety of systems to make them more useful or comfortable. One of these systems is the plumbing and it has two functions. The first is to bring potable water indoors and the second is removal of the waste that results from cleaning or other personal matters. The fresh water side of the system begins with a single pipe that connects to the municipal supply or local well. Once this pipe enters the building it will usually branch off and connect to the water heater. One reason for this design is that the plumbing company in Omaha, NE can run both the hot and cold supply lines closely together, which makes it easier to locate the pipes when a problem occurs.

There are many reasons to contact a plumber, but one common problem is a leak. Water leaks occur in various places such as the faucets the control access to the liquid and the pipes that distribute it. Not all leaks are easily seen. In fact, many water leaks occur inside the walls of the structure or along the main line. Discovering these leaks often requires both skill and the right tools. This lets them hear the distinctive noises that spraying or dripping water can make. The plumber may also use a tracer gas, which is usually a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen when detecting leaks. For large supply lines it may be necessary to apply thermal imaging or GPR (ground penetrating radar) to the problem.

People also need a plumber whenever a clog occurs. One of the most common areas where clogs develop is the pipe traps that are installed close to the drains. This is mostly due to the way the traps function. Pipe traps are used to prevent sewer gases from entering the building and they do this by collecting liquid in the crook of the trap. Eliminating a blockage in the pipe trap often means removing it and clearing away any accumulated debris. A clog can also occur in the main sewer line. Plumbers usually remove this kind of clog using a pipe snake. They may also suggest water jetting to completely clear the pipe.