How To Select a Bathroom Vanity in Bergen County NJ

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Plumbing

Choosing a vanity can make all the difference between having a bland bathroom and having a gorgeous one. There a few thing to keep in mind before choosing a Vanity in Bergen County NJ. Here are some questions to ask yourself before the project starts:

1. How much space are you working with? You will have to take proper measurements of the depth, width, and height of the bathroom that you are going to be installing it in. The depth and the width measurements are usually fixed, but you typically are allowed a bit of leeway when it comes to the height.

2. If space is not a major concern, then you will have the option of choosing how many sinks you want the vanity to have. The most common choice, of course, is a single sink, but a double sink vanity is perfect for larger families. A double-sink vanity generally works best with a width of at least 48 inches.

3. What type of mounting do you want? Mounting options include a free-standing vanity, which offers the maximum availability of storage space. Wall-mounted vanities allow floor space to be used underneath the unit when the bathroom is on the smaller side, and finally, corner-mounted vanities are the ultimate in space-savers as they sit nice and thigh in the corner of the bathroom snug against the corner.

4. What type of sink will be installed? There are typically three different sink styles to choose from. The undermounted sink is designed to be mounted underneath the counter. There are no exposed edges with this type of sink, so clean-up is a breeze. A self-rimming sink is dropped right into a hole that is cut into the top of the counter. The third type of sink is known as a vessel sink. This type sits right atop the counter and requires no special undermount installation.

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