How to Keep Plumbing in West Chester, OH Flowing Freely

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Plumbing

Knowing why a home’s drains become blocked and learning how to keep them clear may save a homeowner from costly damage to their Plumbing in West Chester OH. When drains are free-flowing, they’re less likely to become coated with damaging deposits. Below are a few ways to clear drains and keep them flowing.

Maintain the Sinks

To keep drains clear after a professional cleaning, pour a bit of bleach into them at least once per month. Allow the bleach to sit for at least an hour, or overnight, before using the drain again.

Avoid Grease

Built-up grease in the kitchen sink may be remedied with boiling water and liquid dish soap. Squirt the soap into the drain and pour the water down there a little bit at a time. The boiling water will melt away the grease while the soap dissolves deposits. When combined, these two components flush the grease away. If this process doesn’t work, it may be time to call a plumber.

Using Cold Water Carefully

When running the garbage disposal, be sure to use cold water rather than hot. Cold water keeps grease and oil in its solid state so it’s broken up, while hot water softens and melts the grease, encouraging it to stick to the inside of the drain. Use hot water afterward to remove grease that may have built up when washing dishes.

Using Hot Water

It might seem obvious, but simply running hot water down the sink drains at least once per week does much to keep them flowing freely. For kitchen sinks, hot water melts and flushes away grease deposits. Bathroom sinks also benefit because, most of the time, people don’t use hot water to wash their faces and hands.

Call Today

Though slow drains are usually no more than a nuisance, at times they can bring the entire household to a grinding halt. The pros at AA Plumbing are experts at clearing slow drains and repairing damaged water lines. If there’s a problem with a home’s here, call today or visit the website to schedule repairs, maintenance, and service.