Equipment Naples, FL, Plumbers Can Use to Clear Clogged Drains

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Plumber

There are various steps homeowners can take to keep their drains clean. They should use guards on their drains to prevent hair and food from going down the drains. They should also avoid dumping grease down the drains. While these steps are beneficial, there will likely be times when homeowners need professional drain cleaning in Naples, FL.

When you hire a professional to provide drain cleaning in Naples, FL, you may wonder what tools they will use. The plumber may use a motorized auger. This tool is best suited for large or stubborn drain clogs. It drills down into the clog’s center, breaks it apart, and then draws it back out.

A closet or toilet auger may be used. This auger features a metal rod that can bend. It will reach deep inside the toilet system and can break up serious clogs.

A professional may use a sink auger. This tool can clear clogs in sink drains and bathtub drains. It consists of a flexible stainless steel cable. It has a corkscrew-style tip at the end. It will reach down the drain, break up clogs, and remove them.

When a plumber arrives at your home to deal with a clogged drain, they have various tools that can get the job done. They may also use a specialized flange plumber, hydro-jetting tools, and equipment for video pipe inspection.

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