Drain Maintenance in Rock Hill is Something Every Homeowner Can Do

Just like homeowners have maintenance done on systems like their HVAC, they can do the same for their drains. Simple preventive maintenance will keep homeowners from needing a drain cleaner in Rock Hill, SC. Here’s what this professional will tell you.

What Not To Put in Drains

You already know not to pour liquid drippings from pans and grease down the drain. Pour them into an empty coffee can to put in the trash when full. Never put eggshells, used coffee grounds, food scraped off plates, or goldfish down a drain. These are solids and will clog drains.

Pills or liquid medications should never be put down a drain. The pills also clog drains, but liquid meds can seep into the water supply and poison it.

Have Tools Handy to Clear Drains

Buy a snake and a plunger. Plungers bring clogs not too far down the drain up to the surface for removal. Snakes work on clogs further down the line. They have special tools on the ends for snagging the clog to pull it out. Dispose of the clogging material in the trash.

Do Not Use Commercially-Made Drain Cleaners

Commercially-made drain cleaners are caustic. They eat away the clog, yes, but they also eat away pipes. They don’t know the difference; they just eat, much like Ms. Pacman. If you use these, you’ll need a drain cleaner in Rock Hill, SC, to replace your pipes.

Most plumbers recommend using baking soda and vinegar to unclog drains. Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain. Follow that with a cup of vinegar. Cover the drain for several hours; overnight is best. Pour hot water from the stove into the drain to flush the drain.

Almost boiling hot water will also do the trick, followed by cold water to flush the remains down the drain. Call Providence Plumbing of the Carolinas to learn more about it at Website Url.

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