Drain Clogged? Call A Plumber In Jackson, MS To Get It Flowing Again

Usually flushing the toilet isn’t something to think about doing, just flush it and walk away. Unfortunately, if all doesn’t go as planned, the water in the toilet may come up instead of going down the drain. It can cause even a bigger problem if it comes up and over the rim and flows down to the floor. Likewise, washing dishes is bad enough, but it can become a real problem if the sink is full of greasy water that won’t go away. When faced with situations like these, it’s usually necessary to call a plumber in Jackson MS for service. A plumber will be able to clear the clog and get the water flowing in the right direction again.

Surprising to some, many toilet clogs are caused by either flushing too many personal cleansing wipes or by flushing feminine hygiene products. Sometimes the clog may be caused by an overzealous toddler using too much toilet paper or even trying to flush a toy. Whatever the reason, a toilet clog needs immediate attention. Continuing to use a slow flushing toilet usually turns into a messy situation, especially when the water begins to flow onto the floor. If traditional home methods don’t clear the drain, it will be necessary to call a plumber. Usually an auger put down the drain will enable the plumber to clear the clog by removing the object or pushing it through to the septic or sewer.

A kitchen drain can commonly be clogged when precautions aren’t taken. It’s important to never pour grease of any kind down the drain. A dirty pan full of grease should be allowed to cool and then pour the grease into a container for disposal into the trash can. When grease is washed down the drain, it usually hits cool water and coagulates into a solid mass. As the mass continues to grow with additional grease, it will eventually cause a clog that will not allow water to pass. A Plumber in Jackson MS will then need to clear the drain by either breaking-up or removing the clog.

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