Contact An Experienced Company For Sewer Drain Cleaning In Alpharetta GA

A slow tub or shower drain is a sign a clog has developed in the drain. In some situations, a homeowner can remove the clog with store-bought drain cleaner. The drain cleaner might clear the initial clog but develop further in the pipe. These clogs are difficult for a homeowner to reach without the proper equipment.

A licensed and trained plumber should perform sewer drain cleaning in Alpharetta GA, they have the right equipment to quickly clear a clog in the sewer line and eliminate the problem. A homeowner can attempt to snake the drain, but the snake tends to be stuck in the clog and a plumber needs to be called.

Drain Cleaners

Another problem with drain cleaners is they contain harmful chemicals that pollute the water. These chemicals travel to a municipal waste facility or into a septic system for discharge. A plumber will not use harmful chemicals in the drain, which reduces the footprint of commercial drain cleaners leaves behind.

Locating A Clog

One way a plumber can easily locate a clog is with the use of a special. The camera is put in the drain and the plumber continues to move it to the clogs location. At that time, the plumber can identify the clog and determine the best course of clearing the drain.

If there are tree roots blocking the drain, the plumber will have to use a special tool to cut the roots and remove them. If it is another type of clog, they might use hydro jetting to clear the drain. In addition to sewer drain cleaning in Alpharetta GA, a plumber can remove clogs in the kitchen and bathroom, tub, shower, toilets, utility sinks, and sump pumps.


In addition to cleaning out sewer lines, a plumber can also locate leaks in walls and floors. This eliminates the need for a homeowner to tear out walls and floors to find where the water is coming from.

Plumbing is a complicated task. Pipes that are not properly sealed will continue to leak and cause mold and structural damage.

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