Calling A Service That Provides 24 Hour Plumbing in Mt. Lebanon PA

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Plumbing

When someone has a mishap occur where their toilet becomes clogged, panic is likely to set in as people within the household will no longer be able to use the facilities without flushing the contents away afterward. Calling a service that does 24 Hour Plumbing in Mt. Lebanon PA is an option to get the problem remedied promptly. Try some of the following tasks before making a phone call to ensure the clog cannot be removed with another method first.

Use A Plunger To Dislodge Material Out Of The Way

When something clogs the pipes leaving a toilet, a plunger can be used to try to move it out of the way so water can easily get through the passageway. This is not difficult to do and works well at moving balled up toilet paper or items that someone accidentally tried to flush down the system.

Try Using A Plumber’s Snake To Do The Trick

A plumber’s snake is a tool that can be purchased from a home goods store. The tip is inserted toward the clogged portion of the toilet. The wire is unwound, and will work its way through the matter in the way. This may dislodge something further down in the pipe out of reach, allowing water to pass by as a result.

Consider Using Hot Water To Push Items Down

Fill up a container of hot water and use it to push the contents into the bowl through the piping system. The impact of the water as it hits the bowl will aid in giving the material in the bowl movement toward the septic or sewer. Hot water will also work at breaking down toilet paper.

When there is a need to unclog a toilet, calling a plumber that provides 24 Hour Plumbing in Mt. Lebanon PA is best. The business will dispatch a professional to the scene to remove matter from the toilet and get the water to get back down the piping system once again. Take a look at  to find out more about the services provided or to get contact information so a call for help can be made.