Acting on the Suggestion of Softener Installation After Water Heater Repair in Lake Worth TX

When homeowners call a plumber for Water heater repair in Lake Worth TX, the plumber may suggest having a water softener installed to extend the lifespan of this equipment. That may be surprising to customers who assumed that since softeners use salt tablets, that the salt could corrode the inside of the tank. In reality, softened water is easier on the tank as well as on other plumbing equipment in the home.

Anode Rod Replacement

Calcium, magnesium and other minerals in hard water gradually accumulate in a water heater tank, although an anode rod inside helps prevent some of the worst issues by attracting and holding those minerals. One type of water heater repair in Lake Worth TX involves replacing that rod after a certain number of years have passed.

This might even be done in a home with a water softener because some mineral content is bound to get through when the recharge cycle is almost due. The problem may only affect homes with very high mineral content in the tap water.

Automatic and Manual Softener Recharging

Recharging normally begins automatically after a certain number of gallons have been used or after a week’s time has passed. The system can be run manually if necessary when the household residents detect the change in the water quality by its flavor, odor or even texture. It can be startling to see the interior of a tank that has become clogged with mineral buildup over five or 10 years without a softener in place.

Hard Water and Other Problems in Texas

Hard water is prevalent in most of Texas, and municipal water treatment does not eliminate minerals. In addition, the city has needed to address concerns of residents regarding odd flavors in the tap water related to algal blooms. Although the water is safe to drink, the taste and odor may be unpleasant. Under-sink or whole-house filters can help.

Projects and Service Provided by Plumbers

In addition to repairing and installing water heaters, a contractor such as Ace Repair Plumbing also will install a water softener and filters upon request. Information on this particular company can be viewed at

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