The Dangers of a Busted Kitchen Gas Pipe in San Jose, California

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Plumber

What is that smell? If you walked into your kitchen and smelled something like rotten eggs, don’t stop to take out the trash. Vacate your home immediately and call the gas company. While you wait for the gas company, call a plumber for kitchen gas pipe repair in San Jose, CA.

Leaking Gas Is a Bomb Waiting to Happen

Having a gas stove in your kitchen reduces your electric bill, but it can pose a different problem. When the kitchen gas pipe leaks, it creates the perfect storm for a massive explosion. Kitchen gas pipe repair in San Jose, CA is handled by plumbers, but you should not reenter the house until the plumber has finished. It just isn’t safe for you and your family.

It’s Not Good to Breathe That Either

Some people decide to avoid the repair and just stay in the house. You really can’t do that either. Breathing in either natural gas or propane can have long-term damaging effects on your nervous system, your brain, and your cardiovascular system. The leak has to be repaired, and you cannot ignore it or stay in the house while waiting for someone to fix it.

The Gas Company Has to Turn off the Gas

The reason why you call the gas company first is because the gas company has to turn off the gas before anyone can enter the home. Once the gas is off, the plumber can perform the necessary repairs. Contact Allstar Plumbing via once the gas is off.