New Technology Helps Plumbers Locate Problems

by | May 4, 2020 | Plumbing Services

The plumber’s craft has changed over the years, with technology making it easier and more efficient for Plumbers Newmarket ON to find leaks, damaged pipes, and the source of a clogged drain. Long Beach plumbing contractors take advantage of new technology to handle all sorts of plumbing problems. Gone are the days of having to rely only on a snake to locate and unclog a pipe. Plumbers in Newmarket ON can now use a variety of technologies to help clients and have the confidence that they’ve discovered the source of a clog and permanently fixed the problem.

Plumbing Inspection Cameras

One advancement is the use of inspection cameras to help Plumbers in Newmarket ON quickly find the source of clogs or leaks. These infrared cameras are often attached to snakes and threaded through a home’s plumbing system. The camera will show a plumber exactly where a clog exists and allow them to figure out how to access the clog at the right spot.
Camera systems are different, but some allow Plumbers in Newmarket ON to take still pictures or video of a clogged drain. Long Beach Plumbers in Newmarket ON can then review video and pictures to help them figure out the best way to handle severe clogs or to help them diagnose additional plumbing issues.

Leak Detection

A drain that has debris blocking the passage of water can cause pipes to burst in certain areas and start leaking. The bad part about a leak is that it doesn’t have to exist at the source of the clog. With certain types of transmitters and other tools, Plumbers in Newmarket ON can actually listen to your pipes and determine the source of a leak. This is beneficial when you notice wet spots on walls or ceilings where pipes are leaking, because the plumber doesn’t have to damage any of your home in order to find a leak.

Routine maintenance is the best way to avoid a Clogged Drain in Long Beach Plumbers in Newmarket ON can help you with regular drain cleaning and recommend replacements for damaged or aging pipes.

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