Might Need to Replace Your Sewer Line? 4 Things to Note

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Plumbing

Home Advisor says average costs for replacing sewer lines could run up to as much as $2,401, with most homeowners spending as much as $1,044 to $3,785. One way to keep those costs down is to do repairs as early as you can. To do that, you’ll need to know when your system’s in trouble. Here are signs it’s time to call pros to perform a sewer line replacement service in Blackwood.

Clogged sewer pipes
If you hear any bubbling or gurgling from your toilet, that could point to clogged sewer lines. If you notice the drains flow slow, you might have a buildup of grease, shampoo, oil and other gunk that blocks the flow of water. Smell something bad near your kitchen drains? That could be due to the food and fat you’ve flushed down the drain a time or two.

Broken sewer
Left unattended for too long, that buildup could lead to a broken pipe or even cause cracks in areas of your drain pipe. If there’s a backup of sewage in your toilet, higher water/sewer bills and there’s a rotten egg smell somewhere in the property, that could be sulfide gas. When there’s sulfide gas, that’s an indication that you have a pile of decomposing waste somewhere.

You could either go for an excavation or non-excavation CIPP lining option. While the second option might be more cost-efficient, it’s not the right one for all situations. You’ll need to discuss it with your contractor to get an idea of whether it will work or not.

Once the sewer line replacement company in Blackwood you hired is done, you’ll need to worry about the restoration and cleanup. Some service companies take care of the cleanup for you. You might be able to negotiate the same with your contractor. If that works out, then that’s one worry off your plate.

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