Electrical Issues and Other Problems Requiring Ac Repair in Bellingham WA

by | May 8, 2018 | Plumbing Services

With weather normally being so cool even in July and August, many Bellingham-area residents don’t bother with central air conditioning. Those who do have central air in their homes are fortunate to not have to run the system for much of the summer, but they still appreciate having it on those occasional hot, muggy days. Ac Repair in Bellingham WA may become necessary at some point, especially after many years of use.

Several problems are relatively common after a certain amount of usage. They require Ac Repair in Bellingham WA to get the equipment up and running again, or to keep the system running quietly and efficiently.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues may develop with a central air unit over time. For instance, the equipment should have a dedicated circuit that is not used to power any other electrical devices in the home. Otherwise, the breaker is likely to trip or the fuse to blow out. If this type of circuitry was not addressed during installation, the homeowner may discover the problem several years down the road when trying to run something else connected with that wiring while the central air happens to be running.

Exterior wires for the compressor are vulnerable to corrosion and fraying. Damaged wiring should be replaced. Otherwise, electricity supply to the unit may become intermittent or fail altogether.

Motors in the system require electricity to run. Capacitors that store electrical energy for motors sometimes need to be replaced. Electronic controls also can wear out, although this is less common in a climate where people do not run the central air on a daily basis all summer.

Additional Problems

Dirty coils can eventually cause the compressor fan or motor to fail. Annual cleaning and maintenance by a heating and cooling technician prevents this. They’ll also make sure refrigerant levels are at an optimum level and that there are no leaks. They will replace any components that have become very worn and make sure all the equipment is in good working order.

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