Plumbing Considerations During Kitchen Remodeling in Temecula, CA

Updating and upgrading the kitchen is one of the more common remodeling projects undertaken by homeowners. There are a number of plumbing considerations to take into account during Kitchen Remodeling Temecula CA projects, however.

Plumbing Location

When designing a new kitchen or upgrading an older kitchen, it’s a good idea to understand how the plumbing in the kitchen works and where it’s located. Moving a sink a long way away from where it was in the original kitchen or placing a dishwasher far away from the sink can cause plumbing issues that will make the remodel more expensive. Hot water, cold water, and waste pipes all need to be in the proper places for the proper functioning of the kitchen. Moving the water lines and plumbing drains can get quite expensive, so those on a tight budget should make sure to leave these appliances where they are.

Plumbing Condition

While it isn’t the most fun part of remodeling the kitchen, Kitchen Remodeling Temecula CA projects may want to include repiping the kitchen. This is especially true if the home is very old, as the pipes may have rusted or degraded over time. If the kitchen is already going to be all torn up from the remodel, it’s a great time to get this less fun project taken care of.

Fixtures and Features

As long as the kitchen is being remodeled, you may want to think about getting new fixtures including, perhaps, a touchless faucet or a larger sink. Another potential upgrade that can be beneficial is to add a under-the-sink water filtration unit, so the kitchen water will all be filtered. This higher quality water will make it less likely you’ll feel the need to spring for pricey bottled water at the store. Some people also like the idea of adding a garbage disposal to the sink while they’re remodeling if they don’t already have one. This can make it easier to keep the pipes from getting clogged if something goes down the drain.

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